21st February 2024

True Magnificence:  APAMI takes a posh idea of ‘development’ and makes it easy for customers to outline what it means for themselves.

Intro to APAMI, PRO version

Hint precisely how far costs development between two value ranges with fractional pip precision, whereas qualifying value motion between the identical value ranges.

  • Utterly automate when developments change route and volatility, with none lag.  That is potential as a result of the Correct Worth Motion Measurement Indicator (APAMI) truly does what no different indicator can:  measure value distance between two factors and concurrently qualify the worth motion that happens between these 2 factors with geometric move/fail standards. 
  • If costs pullback an excessive amount of earlier than persevering with in the identical route, then that development/volatility will be disqualified and a brand new development will be measured (in the identical or other way). By limiting the measurement to solely value actions on this method, you’ll be able to truly measure volatility, development route, and momentum all of sudden, in real-time (coincidentally).  I argue that no different recognized indicator can do that the way in which APAMI can.
  • Up and down developments (actions) are independently measured.  So that you by no means have to fret about whether or not you’re lacking out on a brand new rising development. 
  • You’ll be able to conceal some pending traces if you wish to cut back chart muddle and run it concurrently with different indicators.  Though in my humble opinion you’ll doubtless find yourself eradicating most of these different [silly] indicators in order that there isn’t any “indicator overload” or “chart exhaustion”.
  • So if you concentrate on the everyday use of a ruler or straight edge in actual life for carpentry (or masonry for you conspiracy buffs) as a precision instrument measure the precise size of one thing to attract, then you’ll start to grasp the true energy of APAMI for development measuring functions.  Particularly when you think about objectively measuring or qualifying value motion between or throughout the development for move/fail standards….or export for additional evaluation.
  • Alerts:  E-mail/SMS*, push notification**, popup window, or any mixture of those 3.
    (*SMS through email-to-SMS gateway supported, in case your cellular service assist it  | **requires mt4 app put in heading in the right direction cellular machine(s)

Fast comparability chart:  Free / Professional / Professional + Plus + / Professional Plus Enterprise

   APAMI Indicator Model
Options  Free   PRO   Professional Plus  Professional Plus Enterprise 
Tendencies detected by measuring distance/route throughout ticks in actual time (“strikes”)
Decide momentum utilizing retracement qualifier
Modify looseness for preliminary qualification of strikes
measure uptrends and downtrends concurrently
Flag uncommon ticks and gaps from datafeed
Could be backtested/simulated
Activate/off HUD labels
Use hotkey to change between HUD labels
Hold accomplished strikes on chart when eradicating indicator from chart
E-mail/Popup/Push alerts when goal size is achieved (moveComplete)
Options  Free   PRO   Professional Plus  Professional Plus Enterprise 
Change font colours or measurement of label
Measure volatility avg change throughout particular person strikes
Document volatility stats of particular person strikes to txt file
Measure volatility stats throughout all incoming ticks for a number of consecutive tick lengths 
document volatility stats throughout all ticks to textual content file
Document volatility stats throughout all ticks and show as HUD
Auto-adjust moveComplete size based mostly on volatility
Information-based Customized development measurement (import information calendar; single supply)
triple-sourced information customized development  
6-sources information customized developments
Options  Free   PRO   Professional Plus  Professional Plus Enterprise 

So how do I commerce with APAMI?

The way to doubtlessly revenue with APAMI indicator:

It is truly fully as much as you.  There isn’t any a technique to make use of a ruler or straightedge.  It follows that there isn’t any one appropriate method to commerce with APAMI.   It was initially developed as half of a bigger skilled buying and selling technique during which grid/averaging was a part of the ordering course of. The main focus was on counter-trend evaluation, however that doesn’t imply that it will probably solely be used with averaging/counter-trending methods.
However, many merchants nonetheless need some concept of the way to use it in actual world buying and selling.  Here’s a brief abstract:

  • Scalping:  Scalpers may simply clip pips on pullbacks.  Extra dangerous with out elementary evaluation, however hey.
  • Information buying and selling: May additionally analyze the everyday value strikes throughout varied information classes after which enter the markets after a certain quantity of motion has occurred throughout that information cycle. 
  • Swing buying and selling:  Minimize out a few of the swing motion.  Or higher determine pivot factors of the swing.
  • Place/”Development” merchants:  Just like swing buying and selling blended with information buying and selling. You may doubtlessly ‘minimize out’ a part of the development, however with longer chart timeframes  Might be used for longer developments additionally.
  • Momentum Merchants:  just like place merchants.

The MT4 terminal needs to be left on repeatedly to maximise development measurements, together with the measurment accuracy.  You may use the lookback function (professional editions), however that is technically simulated.  Actual-time strikes ought to have dwell, steady connection. 

  • With weekend market breaks, APAMI will simply proceed when the market reopens.   Don’t shut the terminal except crucial. Any pending strikes not lined by lookback interval could also be misplaced.

Which Chart Timeframe(s) (TF) ought to I exploit?

Whereas APAMI is timeframe-agnostic (20 pips value motion is 20 pips whatever the timeframe), it’s best to connect the indicator to 1m or 5 min timeframe chart usually.   If the development size (MoveComplete) is bigger (100-200+ pips), then 15-60m could be extra acceptable.  This additionally will depend on the pair and what number of pips the everyday each day vary is.

Additionally chart timeframe is closely depending on how lengthy you’ll maintain commerce for.  Whether it is daytrading or swing trades that avg <1 week, then 1/5 min chart is finest.  Maintain time is 1-Four weeks lengthy, then 5-30 min chart is healthier.  >Four weeks would use 15-60min.   Notice that these suggestions are primarily to maintain the chart organized with average zoom.  There are solely so many bars you’ll be able to have on chart, even totally zoomed in.  

  • I like to recommend so as to add Apami on 2-Four separate charts with totally different timeframes. Then observe which one works finest on your buying and selling setup.


Evaluating APAMI coincident development indicator with different indicator classes:

  • Not a zig-zag indicator:  From one level to the following, how do you identify whether or not a value has truly reached an endpoint of a zag?  You cant know the endpoint of the earlier zag till the zig happens in the wrong way…so it nonetheless lags.   APAMI calculates up and down developments independently.  So you’ll be able to generally see each UP and DOWN pending strikes being drawn on the identical time (as a present bigger development in a single route has not but failed, however a brand new countertrend is presumably starting).

    Additionally there isn’t any lookback* for legit developments.  You need to draw them in actual time (terminal with indicator should consistently run) after which document them.  Solely then may a earlier development be re-copied onto a chart.  Due to this fact, APAMI would doubtless exchange any present zig-zag indicator you could have. 

    *[you can have a lookback in pro plus versions, but it is technically simulated for the part of the move that is in lookback period]

  • Not a Repainting indicator:  APAMI can’t repaint older strikes by design.  APAMI is simply helpful in actual time and to see historic APAMI strikes already drawn beforehand by Apami.  Since all calculations are drawn coincidently, there’s by no means a have to repaint something.  Indicators that repaint are literally pretend indicators as a result of they’re altering indicators or their drawings after the very fact with the advantage of hindsight.

  • Not a Transferring Common:  The one factor that strikes on a value chart is the present bid/ask value (or the “final” value).  However how far they transfer (size), how briskly they transfer (velocity, slope sharpness), and the exercise that occurs in between (retracement, volatility, tick size) will be objectively measured.  Averaging stale costs (easy, weighted, exponential, smoothed, et al) will at all times lead to some lag.

————–  What different indicators APAMI may exchange:  ———-

  • Oscillator:  One of many worst sorts of lagging indicators, as a result of you could have a number of averaging and smoothing of costs. With all this stated, APAMI Professional Plus/Enterprise variations may present you distance throughout ticks and let you measure volatility throughout totally different strikes.

  • Momentum:  Worth price of change (PROC) of costs over x intervals in the past generally is a much less laggy method to measure value motion, relying on how momentum is calculated.  The lagging method you’re pondering (RSI, MACD, ROC/PROC).  Truly, APAMI Free/Professional could possibly be used to measure momentum when you think about slope or size of bars used. 

    APAMI Professional PLUS/Enterprise has the power to include tick-based volatility into recalculating the size of the development in actual time.  And it’s also possible to hold observe of the tick lengths throughout a number of ticks on GUI and in addition in a log, which you possibly can import or research for additional evaluation. 

  • Momentum is the tough equal of velocity in physics, because it has each route and motion of costs.

  • Volatility:  The velocity/amount of the momentum of value change over a time period.  Often volatility could be in contrast with amount of value adjustments over 2 or extra totally different sections of similar time intervals to check relative volatility.   How briskly/usually costs moved in a single time period in comparison with the identical period of time.    

  • APAMI Professional PLUS/Enterprise has the power to measure variations in value actions throughout ticks and manipulate the size of the development transfer.  Volatility may be thought-about acceleration in physics.

  • Main indicator:  Whereas I could make the argument that APAMI performs main calculations (particularly the Professional Plus/Enterprise variations), the time period “main” is inaccurate.  As a result of the time period main implies that the indicator can see into the longer term.  However that’s simply an phantasm.  All of the averaging, smoothing, and different wizardry utilized to make the indicator look modern finally confuses the person.  Think about as an alternative:   Exact, coincident indication instruments is one of the best anybody can get in actual life use.

    The world’s ONLY coincident technique to objectively observe how costs development with out utilizing any averaging, smoothing, or different guesswork (true zero-lag).  

[embedded content]

Is there an “APAMI EA”

Some robotic with automated buying and selling potential?

Sure, there’s APAMI EA traditional model that features automated buying and selling functionality.  Notice that whereas the buying and selling operation is automated, you’ll need to know when to use it and when to show it off.  In order that requires some “handbook” intervention.

Notice: Apami EA traditional (CleverTrader) will not be the identical because the APAMI indicator EA, which is identical APAMI indicator, however coded to run as an skilled advisor.

This enables for extra chart labels and look-back stability enhancements).  This model of the indicator out there on request from the creator’s web site contact or non-public message.

The Enterprise APAMI skilled advisor variations (totally automated) are solely out there straight from creator.


Apami Professional Indicator Properties

Inputs description

APAMI PRO inputs checklist  Description   Notes 
/—- Major   Settings —–
MOVE_MoveComplete Desired size of the development, in pips. 17.5 = 17.5 pips. Size is measured from begin stage to finish stage and stays mounted, except utilizing ProPlus model with dynamic MoveComplete enabled. Passing transfer will full on chart in Yellow/Crimson strong traces. Pending traces are thinner, dashed traces with identical shade. Failed strikes are purple, skinny dashed traces. However even failed strikes may give you details about value inertia.
Tiny strikes < 3.zero have to have increased RetraceQual.
MOVE_RetracementQualifier The % pip distance from the Begin stage present value should transfer in other way (pullback) for MOVE to fail.
38.5 = 38.5%; Abbr: RetraceQual
RetraceQual pip size shall be auto-calculated and proven on pending traces.
Decrease % = looser qual; extra developments, however weaker momentum/inertia required to move.
Larger % = stricter qual; much less developments, however stronger momentum/inertia required to move)
Tiny MoveComplete < 3.zero have to have increased RetraceQual (>30%
MOVE_IgnoreDistance pip distance from potential begin stage that RetraceQual is ignored. When you see pending traces, Ignored distance has already been thought-about. 1.zero is nice in 95% of circumstances.
MoveComplete have to be > IgnoreDistance
ShiftDownMovesForSpread Shifts downward strikes based mostly on present unfold as soon as MoveComplete (reaches finish stage) Strikes are calculated on identical costs chart bars/candlesticks are drawn (bid costs). Shifting transfer considers the Ask value.
PendingLineDataDisplay attracts the Transfer begin line, finish line, RetraceQual line, and diagonal line from begin level to highest finish level achieved. Consists of failed strikes traces. False = solely accomplished Strikes are drawn on chart. No pending traces, EXCEPT for purple failed strikes will nonetheless be drawn.
DrawLines attracts the Transfer begin line, finish line, RetraceQual line, and diagonal line from begin level to highest finish level achieved. False = solely accomplished Strikes are drawn on chart. No pending traces, INCLUDING no failed strikes.
APAMI PRO inputs checklist  Description   Notes 
/—   Secondary Settings —
EA_ID permits to assign a novel quantity for operating a number of situations in the identical terminal Differentiate a number of situations of indicator on the identical image (together with totally different charts). Not essential for indicator-only inner operations.
AlertUp Allow alerts for Accomplished Strikes;
UP strikes solely
Select between: Popup window, E-mail, Push Notification, or any mixture (or ‘no alerts’)
AlertDown Allow alerts for Accomplished Strikes; DOWN strikes solely Select between: Popup window, E-mail, Push Notification, or any mixture (or ‘no alerts’)
DisplayHUD Heads-Up Show (HUD) of indicator data Select between: None, Mini HUD and Full HUD.
HUDFont_Size Customise HUD font measurement
HUDRowColorEven customise shade of HUD Even row be sure that colours are totally different
HUDRowColorOdd customise shade of HUD Odd row be sure that colours are totally different
MOVE_LookBack What number of earlier chart bars from present bar to contemplate when first including indicator to chart. zero is finest for freshest strikes and least errors.
> zero is beneficial if you don’t depart terminal on repeatedly, particularly for bigger developments.
> 300, strive rising chart timeframe as an alternative
MaxMoveCompleteLineCount What number of accomplished strikes will stay on chart. Object management. Enhance if you need extra historic strikes.
HotKeyHUD Use keyboard to alter/take away HUD “Ctrl + J”. You might have to attend a couple of ticks (seconds) between every try.
MOVE_Up true = Consider solely UP strikes Disable if you do not need any UP strikes
MOVE_Down true = Consider solely DOWN strikes Disable if you do not need any DOWN strikes
KeepObjectsAtExit true = Hold accomplished strikes on chart if indicator is eliminated false = take away all objects from chart when eliminated
DebugMode not used provided that developer requests this.

Be happy to ask questions or submit suggestions right here or through e mail
Make certain to connect empirical proof in order that we are able to perceive the context of the bug

Examples of empirical proof is:

  1. Display screen video the place you reproduce the error or reveal .

    • use steady recording instruments like Bandicam, Thundersoft Display screen Recorder, Snagit.  Net-based VideoCandy can be okay and doesn’t require set up.  Cellular/pill customers might seek for A-to-Z display recorder.
    • attempt to hold the video to underneath Four minutes. 

  2. Professional logs + journal logs generated from the terminal.

If you’re having errors attaching giant information to the message, simply use cloud file sharing service like google drive, dropbox, and so on.

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